Chronology of the Primeval Gods Videos

Long before Adam and Eve, long before the Egyptian god Ptah and Sumerian god Anu, humankind was thriving in a series of Golden Ages. The Greek poet Hesiod wrote of a cycle of Golden Ages but could provide little information other than to arouse our curiosity.

The history of those ancient glories was never really lost. That history can be found in the tales of the ancient texts. We call them myths and generally view them as fiction. While written about characters referred to as gods, they are really about the stars and bodies of Earth’s solar system. Some of these stars were supernova – often described as having the “brightness of a thousand suns.” These same ancient texts tell us where to find these supernovae. I hope you enjoy this Chronology of the Primeval Gods.

When we start looking at these myths in terms of the timeline established for some very specific supernova – only then can one appreciate the awesome value of these “myths.”  Humankind has been recording the history of the stars for over 140,000 years in the form of myth. They provide insights into the worlds of our most ancient ancestors.

This Chronology of the Primeval Gods video series takes us down a path of knowledge we have been repeatedly told does not exist. The ancestors that preserved that knowledge for us did so for some very specific reasons. Those reasons are provided in these myths just as much as the information about the stars.

The primary purpose of this series is to restore the integrity of the ancient texts. When civilizations were dying, our ancestors cherished these learnings above all the things they could pass on to us. Nothing else remains of those times except these stories. There is a reason for that which becomes clear as one understands these ancient legends.

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